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We offer a wide range of skills to Developers, General Contractors or Business owners in the process of remodeling or building their new facilities with an emphasis on

Drywall and Taping Installation

Insulation Installation

Light Gauge

Load Bearing Metal Studs


Metal Roofing and Siding


Doors and Hardware

Metal Decking

Truss Installation

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Why choose Infinite Construction Group?

Infinite’s Personnel including managers and skilled trade laborers are hand-picked talented individuals that have been in the industry for years and enjoy what they do for a living. Here at Infinite we have a policy of the employee comes first because without them Infinite would not function. We appreciate all their hard work and dedication and all of this proves itself on the job-site.

Customer service satisfaction is our priority and by keeping our staff content with themselves, projects will run smoothly and on time to meet your goals. Hire us as the company that will keep you profitable as well as with the ease of completing and moving on to your next project. We guarantee all of our work and will always come back for change orders requested.

What makes Infinite Construction Group a better commercial trade company than any other trade company in the Midwestern IL area?
• Expertise
• Fast turnaround time
• Highly trained staff
• Quality work
• Quality materials
• Safety

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