Tarping Solutions

For Dump Bodies, Dump Trailers and more…

Heavy Duty
Cable System

The Hd Cable System is a sliding cable system that can get you covered in seconds! Quick and easy to operate with both electric and manual options. Extremely versatile! No climbing, no ropes to tie down, no hassles!

Heavy Duty
Swing Arm System

HD SWING ARM systems can also get you covered in seconds! These systems are extremely versatile. Ideally for hauling material, sand, gravel, concrete and many more!

They can be mounted on truck bodies up to 48 feet in length and are automatic in manual ground level crank our fully automatic systems. Depending on the length of the trailer body.

We Provide Complete Tarp Systems, Replacement Parts, And Heavy Duty Tarps At The Highest Quality.


Heavy Duty Cable System

Heavy Duty Swing Arm System